He was using hard drugs again before his death, says George Michael’s friend

A friend of pop megastar George Michael has claimed that the singer had been dragged back into a world of hard drugs before his death on Christmas Day. A childhood friend of the star claims that the singer died after taking a cocktail of drugs and alcohol.

Andros Georgiou said that the star had been doing his best to leave a normal, substance free life in the first three years after he left rehab. However, he said he had been sucked back into the “dark side” and that he must have accidentally taken an overdose.

He said that George was taking hard drugs once again and that the 53 year old’s favourite was crack cocaine. Music producer Andro says he is determined to find out what happened, and who gave George the drugs he believed ended his life. Following his shock death, George’s manager said that he had died of heart failure. However, an initial post mortem proved inconclusive and detectives have ordered further tests, including toxicology reports.

Can’t move on

In an interview, Andros said that the singer’s loved ones would find it impossible to move on while questions about his death remained unanswered. He said that George had been getting better, but that someone must have turned him back onto hard drugs again.

While Andros, who was so close to George that they called each other cousins, conceded that the star had previously had suicidal thoughts, he said he did not believe in a million years that he had killed himself. “Why would you arrange a whole dinner with the family if you are going to kill yourself?’ he said.

He said he believed that a combination of hard drugs, alcohol and the anti depressants George was taken had led to his heart stopping. George was discovered on Christmas Day by his boyfriend Fadi Fawaz who went in to wake him in time for a planned Christmas lunch.