On Friday, there were a number of different flights that had to put an end to their services, until a computer outage was fixed. The company that supplies services for several major airlines and operates their technology systems experienced a computer glitch that brought everything to a halt.

With airlines depending primarily on technology to deliver airplane transportation, it is necessary that every technical area of the company is effectively running. This is the case for Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Virgin America, JetBlue Airways, and American Airline. These companies were forced to stop offering their services, due to a glitch in the computer system. Later into the day, the airlines announced that they were back in service and flights resumed; assuming that the problems had been fixed.

It is believed that Sabre Corp. was to blame for the technical problem. Various airlines and hotels use the Texas-based software and technology company for their system operations. When the problem was announced, a spokeswoman for the technology company released a statement on Friday, early afternoon. She confirmed that the systems were back up and that she was unaware of what caused the computer glitch. This type of error brought damage to the reputation of the airlines.

As passengers remained stranded at airports, they used the social media as an outlet to share dissatisfaction with the services of the airlines. Although there were a number of delays throughout the major airports, there were no cancellations. There were 15 scheduled flights for Alaska Airlines that were delayed up to 15 minutes. For Southwest Airlines, they were unable to process bookings, utilize their mobile boarding passes, and allow ticket changes, due to the computer outage. Major airline, Delta stated their systems were no operated by Sabre and they did not have to deal with the computer outage.