Flag of Jack Daniel for the ISIS Flag by Nervous Neighbours

Jack Daniels Flags are a known feature in fraternal homes in the United States, but the young man from Zurich accidentally caused feelings when he was hanging over the house, and his neighbours imagined the black flag of ISIL.

After twenty minutes, a 29-year-old man and his girlfriend recently moved to a new apartment in Zurich. Shortly after they moved, he chose to fly the Italian flag over the apartment because he was of Italian origin. Later, just to be ridiculous, she decided to wear the Jack Daniels logo because she likes whiskey. Then things became strange.

At least one of the male neighbours apparently had the Jack Daniel logo for the ISIL flag. The two flags do not look alike, but the black flags are in white. When viewed from above, the flag of Jack Daniel appears in reverse order and is not immediately visible as a logo of a whiskey company.

The man says to have found an anonymous note from a “worried neighbour” in his mailbox

“What are you guys?” Should we be afraid? The voice said. First are the Italian flag and now the black flag of death? Are the sympathizers? We are under observation and report (written).

The man was astonished by the letter. He said he had just dropped the flag because he seemed ridiculous, and now he was concerned that his neighbours spied on him and accused him of sympathizers of terrorism.

He says no one has let him write yet. When he finds out who he is, he says he intends to take legal action against defamation.

It will not lie with the Jack Daniels flag. “Then we would give them,” he said. We do not. The flag does not go down, so the next man will soon learn the difference between the Jack Daniels logo and the ISIL flag. You probably would not hurt to see 10 more things you did not even know about whiskey.