FA Takes Final Decision on Lukaku after Lovren Stamp

After a Battle between age-long rivals Liverpool and United at Anfield, Romelu Lukaku has been let off the hook after a clash with Lovren.

In a tense tie that saw tempers fly, United’s Lukaku was at the center of controversy when his momentum resulted in a collision with Dejan Lovren.

Lukaku got entangled with Lovren after a fierce competition between the pair, but Lukaku leg’s clattered the latter leaving him sprawled out on the floor, face down.

The FA subsequently launched an investigation into the incidence

After careful analysis, the FA has decided to take no action and end a further investigation into the incident, for lack of proof of wrongdoing.

Heavy criticism trailed the Belgium International after the weekend tie. However, in his defense, he has consistently instead that he is not a bully.

Lukaku’s towering figure is every defender’s nightmare, having to compete with a forward with Lukaku’s build will certainly leave you sore in the morning.

Fire In Front Of Goal

Lukaku, who is just 24, has already scored seven goals and made one assist in the league.

He is the odds-on favorite to become the premier league-leading goal scorer at the end of the season.

Manchester United is set to face Huddersfield and Tottenham Hotspur in the league successively, Lukaku will now be available for those ties.

Manchester United’s Manager Jose Mourinho is now at peace knowing that Lukaku will be a definite feature for both games.

Manchester United is poised to overtake Manchester City who is currently sitting pretty at the top.