Europe’s First Underwater Museum is Now Complete

One of Europe’s most anticipated art museums, the Atlantic Museum, has finally been completed and is now open for the public.

It’s Europe’s first underwater museums and so visitors would have to bring a snorkel.

Europe’s first underwater museum, the Museo Atlantico, or the Atlantic Museum, is finally open for the public.

The Museum

The Museo Atlantico is located in the Canary Islands just off the coast of Lanzarote. It displays more than 300 human sculptures, designed by Jason deCaires Taylor.

All sculptures are submerged 15 meters underwater on the ocean floor of Las Colorados bay, therefore only available for viewing by either scuba diving or snorkeling.

The project has taken three years to be finished. The museum shows an artificial reef, a breeding site for various fish and plants. It aims to show an interplay between art and nature.

The museum originally opened in March 2016. However, it is now finally complete with all its sculptures underwater.

“The whole idea was for it to become a portal to another world” Mr deCaires Taylor told CNN. “I want it to inspire people to understand more about our oceans and the threats facing them.”

The Artist’s Message

The British eco-artist and graduate of University of the Arts, Jason deCaires Taylor, has also worked on similar underwater projects, including the first underwater sculpture park in the world, located in Grenada.

According to the artist, the museum is supposed to draw attention to global issues such as climate change, conservation and migration. The artist grouped different sculptures together.

The largest piece, called “Crossing the Rubicon” is a group of 40 people walking blindly towards a gateway. Some of these people are taking selfies, others focused on their phones. The piece is supposed to display the human attitude towards climate change.