Equifax Gets Hit Again In Argentina

Consumer credit reporting agency Equifax has experienced a new attack in its Argentine branch as there is an online employee tool which could give access to any user by entering admin as the username and password.

This recent development gave entry to documents that contained thousands of user’s national identity numbers. The company discontinued the affected website after receiving claims of this most recent attack. One of their spokespeople stated that they were notified of a potential weakness in their employee portal in Argentina which was independent of the attack that recently occurred in their system in the US. To combat this, there was a quick reaction to correct the event which affected some information pertaining to their employees.

No Proof Of Attack

Though the company has no actual proof that this attack occurred, mainly speculations they assured users that their security measures will constantly and regularly be checked and worked on in that region.

This is following the event where the company stated that information of over 145 million of its users in the US as well as an unrevealed number of Canadian and British users had been compromised. It took the company more than a mouth to reveal this to the public despite being aware of the attack about 6 weeks back.

On Tuesday, there was a call for a federal examination into how 3 of the firm’s stakeholders sold shares worth nearly $2m in the company during the period by 36 US Senator.