Elon Musk possesses directions to the Red Planet

Elon Musk did not attain the status of being a billionaire by small thinking.

For almost ten years; Elon Musk has put wholesome resources into SpaceX, a rocket program that is reusable that in its capacity already functioning significantly in resupplying the Space Station.

However, the ambition Musk’s has gone beyond merely picking up from NASA’s slacks. In a speech, shared recently before The international Aeronautical Congress meeting in Australia, Musk revealed the plans he had to get life support, mining equipment, and construction to Mars within Five years.

Plans for a version of his SpaceX fleet that is updated was also unveiled, it is to be called the Interplanetary Transport System, Big Falcon Rocket or BFR, a redesign for the cabin and booster. The sleek but humongous BFR will possess the ability to carry as many as 100 people in each rocket.
It is aimed to be used in establishing a base on the moon, where the needed technologies and skills required to plant a thriving Martian colony will be tested and groomed.

Across the World in Minutes

The entrepreneur made public that the same rockets will be employed in the creation of jaunts between Shanghai and New York in less than 45 minutes.

If the SpaceX mission proves fruitful, then it will be easy to fly to and from remote cities within an hour. It will become a very viable funding source from the projection.

There is a reason to doubt the possibility of Musk’s vision despite the exciting developments.