Electric Cigarettes Lead to Teens Smoking More Tobacco

At first, electric cigarettes was considered to be a better way of smoking out in public. But now, electric cigarettes have become popular amongst teens. Research has shown that teens that “vape” or use e-cigarettes smoke more frequent.

The Effects of E-Cigarettes

When compared with smoking a regular cigarette, an e-cigarette smoker will smoke twice as much on a weekly basis. And even on the days that a teenager does smoke, they will double the amount of teens that smoke regular cigarettes. A lead researcher for 10 Los Angeles County Public Schools, Adam Leventhal discovered that teens that begin to smoke at the age of 16 and become regular smokers have a great chance of becoming a chronic smoker as an adult.

During the research, majority of the kids did not admit to smoking. 95% of the kids claimed to have never smoke, while 98.5% claimed to have never vaped. The kids that admitted to smoking an electric cigarette were more likely to begin smoking actual cigarettes. Leventhal believes that the more the teenagers would vape, the more they will smoke.


It is believed that the key reason for this transition is the addiction to nicotine. The teenagers will easily become addicted and crave for nicotine, which will eventually lead to a desire for a stronger amount of nicotine and tobacco use. Leventhal calls smoking a foreign sensation to the teenager. If a teen has already been vaping, they become use to inhaling and exhaling smoke. This makes the transition a lot easier, versus never smoking a cigarette in the past. The first pull of an actual cigarette will be more pleasing.

The American Lung Association shares the same belief, when it comes to teens and electric cigarettes. They worry that the vaping will lead to an addiction, as the teenagers become older.