Dothraki Inventor, David J. Peteson, To Teach A Summer Course At U.C Berkeley

The man who created Dothraki, a fictional language in Game of thrones, will teach a new language class at U.C Berkeley.

Starting from this summer semester, Berkley Alumni, David J. Peterson, will teach students a newly offered course titled The Linguistics of Game of Thrones and the Art of Language Invention. The new offering starts May 22 until June 30 where Peterson will teach for four days a week.


Peterson is thrilled to share his love for language creation and to be back on the same campus where he took the first linguistics course 17 years ago. He then changed his major to linguistics and English; a decision that changed his life and the path of his career.

“I’d been taking language courses, but linguistics was the thing that really opened my eyes,” Peterson said.

According to a statement released by the university, the course will focus on the importance of linguistics and how to create languages rather than teaching the Dothraki language.

“Peterson’s students will be asked to put themselves in the mind of the speakers of a new language.” the university said.

Previous Works

Peterson created more than 40 languages. Dothraki is not his only creation but he also invented the High Valyrian language for HBO as well as other languages for shows such as Penny Dreadful, Thor: The Dark World and Defiance.

“I’ve worked on about a dozen other shows and movies. Language has become my entire life and my livelihood,” Peterson once said.

The idea of Peterson as a teacher came up last fall when an anonymous person suggested a new class based on Game of Thrones show. Andrew Garrett, UC Berkeley’s linguistics department chair, thought of bringing Peterson back to the university; this was a happy news to the famous inventor.