Donate your eclipse glasses

Just before the moon left its travels across the sun path, many people, possibly you inclusive weren’t sure what to do with your eclipse glasses. You are not alone; many other individuals were confused about this same issue.

For about two weeks, the plastic film and cardboard spectacles have been what virtually everyone wants to get, causing an unexpected scarcity of the eclipse glasses somewhat. Of course, the glasses made some to cry, others felt silent, and the rest cheered. However, one cannot be expected to maintain these spectacles for seven years, even if Tennessee were in the line of the 2024 eclipse.

You could be charitable with your eclipse glasses

On Monday, an article went viral in different forms and through various websites, advocating that you can still be of help with your eclipse glasses. When some thought that their glasses are ready for disposal, the news went viral; pointing out the useful and charitable things people could do with their eclipse glasses.

A group identified as Astronomer Without Borders has taken the duty to gather these glasses and pass them on to kids at schools in the line of the 2019 eclipses, especially in Asia and South America.

Mike Simmons, the President of the astronomers’ group said to a reporter from Gizmodo that several schools in the developing countries don’t have what it takes to access science education. And this is a unique opportunity to inspire both teacher and students, making them know that science is one thing they can also participate. It could be an insight and a sort of inspiration to students who don’t otherwise see a career path in stuff like this.

What’s the catch? If you are yet to dispose your eclipse glasses, you can contribute to making the world a better place to live. The Astronomers Without Borders is still putting their collection program together and will announce the details in no distant time. You can follow them up for more details via their Facebook page or through their newsletter.