Does planet nine really exist? New evidence emerges to suggest it does

Astronomers announced at the beginning of the year that they might have discovered a new planet in our solar system.
Called Planet Nine, for want of another name, the new planet is thought to exist because of objects which appear to be orbiting it.
Now, more evidence has emerged which suggests this new planet could be a reality.
While Neptune is currently the last known planet in our solar system, a number of distant icy rocks appear to be orbiting something beyond Neptune, which was named in 1846.
Scientists found that there are regular periods of this orbiting, which would most readily be explained by the presence of Planet Nine, which they believe could be ten times bigger than the Earth.
A team led by Renu Malhotra, who is professor of Planetary Sciences at the University of Arizona, looked at the movement of objects known as Kuiper Belt Objects.
These latest findings have been presented at the Division for Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society in Pasadena, California.
It’s believed that if Planet Nine really does exist, it will complete one orbit around the sun only once every 17,000 years.
Planet Nine is estimated to be around 92 million miles away from Earth.
Professor Malhotra said his team noticed “something peculiar, suggesting they were in some kind of resonances with an unseen planet”.
This latest research comes after a study published earlier this year which used numerical techniques to look at the possibility of another planet.
Authors of both studies say their research is only the beginning and should not yet be taken as proof that Planet Nine really does exist.
Both studies however seem to agree that there are a number of items orbiting in the far reaches of our solar system which are acting in a way which can be explained by the pull of a Planet Nine.
To fit with the data they have collected, this planet would need to be roughly four times the size of Earth and ten times the mass, in order to have such an impact on surrounding objects.
Astronomers are confident they will come up with more hard and fast evidence that this planet really does exist within the short term future. Scientists say Planet Nine won’t be able to stay hidden for much longer, meaning that we may need to come up with a better name for this new planet soon.