Coroner States That Healthy Young Man Passed Away From Drinking Coffee In Quick Succession

A coroner said that a healthy American youngster in South Carolina passed away from quickly drinking several caffeinated cups.

In only two hours, Davis Allen Cripe drank a latte from Macdonald’s, a big Mountain Dew can as well as an energy drink before he collapsed at school in April.

Cripe was a healthy student with no pre-existing illness of any kind. He weighed 90kg but his overweight is not negative.

Gary Watts said that the 16-year-old teenager death’ cause is a “caffeine-induced cardiac event causing a probable arrhythmia”.


“This is not a caffeine overdose,” Watts added. “We’re not saying that it was the total amount of caffeine in the system, it was just the way that it was ingested over that short period of time, and the chugging of the energy drink at the end was what the issue was with the cardiac arrhythmia.”

Lots of caffeine and energy drinks are not good for our bodies, watts warns. In addition to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) which warned children and teenagers of drinking energy drinks stating that their ingredients weren’t tested on children and “no-one can ensure they are safe.” The AAP added that energy drinks can cause fast heartbeats and change in blood pressure.

In Regular Doses

“We’re not trying to speak out totally against caffeine,” Watts said. “We believe people need to pay attention to their caffeine intake and how they do it, just as they do with alcohol or cigarettes.”

The AAP says that an energy drink is almost as equal as three cups of coffee and contains nearly 14 spoons of sugar. Davis consumed around 470mg of caffeine under two hours. A MacDonald’s latte contains 142mg of caffeine while Mountain Dew 570ml can has 90mg.

In 2015, the European Food Safety Authority confirmed that consuming more than 400mg of caffeine can elevate blood pressure, cause insomnia, irregular heartbeats as well as nervousness and panic attacks among other side-effects.