Comcast Internet Hacking in the United States

If you thought something was wrong with your Comcast Internet service or your Xfinity Internet consumer today, you were right. At 13:23 EST, Comcast Internet began to collapse.

As revealed by the Down Detector website, Comcast is established on the east and west coast and a large sample of the Atlantic coast to the Midwest. At 13.36, Comcast Customer Service tweeted: “Some customers have problems with their XFINITY online service, so we apologize and appreciate your patience while we’re working on repair.”

Behind the scenes, Internet administrators on the mailing list have posted major network issues. Specifically, “packet loss and high latency” were recorded both on the Internet and IPv6.

If you lose the package, the packages that make up your internet message will not be received. E-mails, web services, etc. are missing and fail. With high latency, your packages last longer and longer to get from one node to the Internet. Compile and collapse Internet services.
Subsequent investigations have shown that the cause of the problem was not on Comcast. Instead, it appeared to have originated with Comcast’s connection to the central level of 3 knots in Chicago.

The third level, recently acquired by Century Link, is the leading Internet service provider (ISP)

These companies offer domestic and international Internet connections that allow the smallest and most private Internet providers to connect to the Internet around the world.

While Level 3 official acknowledged that he was responsible for Comcast’s problems, he said: “On Monday, November 6, our network interfered with some IP-based services, and the disorder is caused by configuration.” We know how many these services are important to our customers. Our technicians could return the service for about 90 minutes. ”

Members of the failure list report to see that “all but 2 locations (originally with more than 120 locations) normally return without losing the package.”

Everything should be fine for Xfinity and Comcast surfers tonight. This is a reminder that the Internet is not as stable as we would like.