Cinnamon: How This Common Spice Helps You Burn fat And Lose Weight

Cinnamon is one of the most common spices found in the kitchen around the world. The appetizing aroma of cinnamon can make you salivate. But this amazing spice not only provides a pleasant flavor, but new research shows it can also help you in losing weight.

Cinnamon has an essential oil known as Cinnamaldehyde (CA) that gives it its delightful exotic flavor, and previous investigations revealed that cinnamaldehyde prevented mice from gaining excess weight and hypoglycemia. A group of researchers at the University of Michigan decided to experiment it on human fat cells to determine the possible impact it had on them.

They collected human adipose stem cells, from volunteers of various age groups, weights, and ethnicities. The stem cells which would have been fat cells inside the human body store energy as lipids when in excess and burn lipids when you work out. The researchers also examined mice fat cells.

The team observed that both the mice fat cells and the human adipose stem cells started to heat up, or experience “thermogenesis.” The scientists added CA to the cells which precipitated them into a metabolic process. The outcomes, published in the journal Metabolism, upheld earlier research revealing that CA contains an anti-obesity property.

Using cinnamon may be practically difficult

Since cinnamon is a common spice, the scientists say, it’s easy to imagine substituting other weight loss treatments with this new method If CA could be turned into a medicinal form. However, using cinnamon as anti-obesity treatment has some obstacles. Consuming a lot of the spice at once could be difficult. We also use cinnamon for foods that don’t support weight loss.

Also, the scientists accentuate that the findings are in human and mice cells, but not actual people. Despite the fact that the CA in cinnamon may help burn fat, scientists are yet to conduct a study in humans of the possible benefits and side effects of using the CA.