China “Test” Block Offensive Websites

China carried out an online drill to test ways that could be used to shut down websites that are considered harmful.

The state owned media stated on Thursday that the drill was carried to also force internet data holders to give the contact details of owners of websites.

China operated a very strict censorship on internet usage in the country.

The analyst believes the government is trying to instil more strict internet rules ahead of this year’s political meeting in Beijing.

VPN Block Also Implemented

The government have also started blocking the use of VPN in the country so as to shut out sites that are banned in the country.

The country’s internet surveillance department officers took part in the drill who reached out to internet data holders and asked them to shut down harmful sites.

The data holders were then asked to close down web pages that were deemed harmful and send the details of the site’s owners to report to the police

Microsoft’s cloud service operator in China and other participants confirmed the incident.