Brave grandmother chases machete-wielding robbers

When two machete-wielding thieves targeted the shop of grandmother Hamalata Patel, they definitely chose the wrong place to rob.
Rather than hand over cash from the till, 56-year-old grandmother Mrs Patel decided to fight back.
Picking up a chair, she charged straight at the two armed robbers, who were clad all in black and wearing balaclavas to disguise themselves.
Dramatic CCTV footage shows Mrs Patel running towards the two men in K and L Newsagents in Cheshire, while screaming: “I’m coming for you”.
Explaining that the shop was empty of other customers when the men burst in, Mrs Patel said: “They were shouting at me and I just told then, ‘if you need it then take it,’ but one of them banged the machete on the counter and started to damage the shop so I just lost the plot.”
Fuelled by anger, Mrs Patel picked up a chair which was nearby for older customers who regularly come to the shop and need a rest, and shechased them.
She said as the wannabe thieves fled the shop, her husband came in to check on her.
The kind-hearted shop keeper said she actually felt sorry for the two robbers.
Police inspector David Snasdell said: “The brave female challenged the offenders and defended herself with a chair which made the offenders leave empty handed.”
Mrs Patel and her husband have owned the shop for more than three decades and say nothing like this has ever happened to them before.
The brave grandmother was concerned for the safety of her granddaughters Zuri, four, and Emi, two, who were in the back of the shop with her husband Dhirubhai, 63, at the time of the robbery.
Mrs Patel said she picked up the steel chair because she was fearful that her two granddaughters might rush out to see what the noise was. While she acted on instinct, she says what might have happened has only just started to hit her in the days following the terrifying robbery.
She said she is renowned for being caring and helping anyone who needs it, but she is a woman “not to be crossed”.
Cheshire Police have said they have arrested two teenagers in connection with the robbery, aged 16 and 14, who have been bailed until November 19.
This latest robbery follows numerous others at newsagents around the country, which are often seen as easy targets by thieves.