Bloody Syrian Battlefield Intensified As Violence Is Expected To Escalate Even Further

The collateral damage caused by the U.S led coalition in Syria and Iraq, in the recent years, has been increasing and has intensified the political unrest in the region.

The high number of casualties is raising questions about the ethical approach the alliance is conducting its military operations with, as many factions had to endure severe losses and tragedies.

In their fight against the radical entities that ravage the two countries, the U.S bloc has been intensifying their assaults which often take hold in civilian urban areas.

The usual: “collateral damage”

A controversially misguided airstrike has taken the lives of 18 soldiers of the Syrian Democratic Forces, in North Syria, battling in the frontline I.S militants; according to American military officials.

The incident comes amidst the operation to recapture the capital of the terrorist entity, as the predominantly Kurdish SDF had given inaccurate coordinates to the coalition aircraft. The U.S Central command explained that a missile that was intended to target an I.S stronghold had instead hit an SDF position.

International tension rising

Contentious actions by the Western-Block, in the recent weeks, came in the light of an atrocious chemical-attack that has taken the lives of roughly 100 people, in Khan Shaykhun in Idling, allegedly conducted by the Syrian Armed Forces under the umbrella of the Russians.

The international community has endured an earthquake in the past week, absorbing the exchanged accusations between. The NATO members and their Russian counterpart.

A unilateral decision taken by the president of the United States of America, to strike in a “humanitarian” retaliation a Syrian airbase, where supposedly the disgraceful attack was launched; found support from most of the international platform.

The Syrians, Russians and their allies have been extremely vocal about this assault, denying firstly the allegations and framing the American offence to be “illegitimate and illegal”. The Russians, specifically, have wowed to prepare for an appropriate response and have significantly escalated diplomatic tension with the U.S.A.