Beyoncé added to the cast of Lion King Remake officially by Disney

It has been confirmed by the makers of the Lion King, Disney that Beyonce will give voice to Nala, a character on the beloved cartoon who was in a romantic relationship with Simba. Donald Glover will himself voice the lead.

Mufasa will be voiced by James Earl Jones, who voiced the same character in 1994. The cast is supplemented by ChiwetelEjiofor who voices Scar, the villain, Zazu voiced by John Oliver, and Bill Eichner along with Seth Rogan will voice the amusing Timon and Pumbaa.

The animated movie by Disney is among the highest grossing films ever made with close to a trillion dollars earned at the worldwide box office. Its musical theme and adaptation have been performed in more than 18 countries around the world with a little over six billion dollars generated from the sales of tickets.

The movie making company has in recent years seen to the remaking of its old classics as a strategy for growth and raising the budget and character of the reproductions.

Other remade movies

Beauty and the Beast were reconstructed, and the revival starred Emma Watson playing the character of Belle, the film was an amazing success, breaking records and garnering over $1.2 billion across the world. The remake of Aladdin was a let-down as the company suffered much criticism for using a non-Arab actress (Naomi Scott) to star as Jasmine.

Much like Aladdin, the remake of the Lion King is set to be live action, one that will work really on new filmmaking techniques. Beyoncé will not be seen in the movie but heard.