Back in the saddle: Extraordinary weight loss of woman who thought she’d kill a horse with her 23 stone bulk

Passionate horse rider Karen Wright had put on so much weight she gave up her hobby for fear of injuring her stead. But the mother of three has now lost nine and a half stone to make sure she can get back in the saddle after tipping the scales, at her heaviest, at 23 stone. Many riding schools have weight limits, usually at around the 14 stone mark.

However, Karen was way over that at her heaviest. She said she barely ate any vegetables and would finish off her daughters’ leftovers after they had eaten. After joining Slimming World, she has finally managed to lose weight and start riding again.

She said: “I honestly thought if I got on a horse, with my weight, I’d end up killing it. And that was if I could even manage to get on the animal, which would have been a feat in itself!”

Cried with joy

But the 46 year old Liverpudlian is now riding again, two decades after she was last on a horse. She said she was so delighted to be back on a horse, that she cried with joy during a trek while on holiday in Spain. She says she now can’t wait to ride again.

Karen said she had never been thin as a youngster. However, after the birth of her three children, who are now grown up, she started piling on the pounds. Rather than throw away food or put it away for later, she would eat all of their leftovers. However, while she did not look after herself, she always made sure her children had a healthy diet. As it was a gradual weight gain, she simply bought the next dress size up every time she got bigger.

She would have junk food all day, including crisps for breakfast and a takeaway meal for tea. Now, she has yogurt, fruit, and lean protein such as chicken, with lots of vegetables.