App Developer Defeats President Trump In Court

An app builder seems to have won a long-term trademark fight against the United State president’s company.

Seven years ago, the inventors of iTrump first had a confrontation with the Trump Organization, when the billionaire’s attorneys charged the trumpet simulator’s brand maliciously linked to the wealthy entrepreneur.

On the 11th of August, the United State Trademark Trial and Appeal Board cut-off the New York-headquartered firm’s absolute license to use “Trump” in connection with the entertainment services, which involves reality TV broadcast.

The decree then resulted to earlier win by San Francisco-based Tom Scharfeld, to which he blocked the Trump business from having an absolute license to use “Trump” in relation with music online streaming, golf-like mobile apps and computer games.

A trademark is a distinctive mark or proprietary that is usually registered with the Patent and Trademark Office to assure its exclusive right by its owner or licensee.

Trademarks are the distinctive name or symbol put to identify a product made by a manufacturer or a good a dealer distributes.

Trademark rules help buyers prevent any confusion with regards to the origin of a product or manufacturer.
Bloomberg news network was first to announce the incident last week.

An End To The Legal Battle?

This effectively brings to an end to the legal trail between Mr Scharfeld’s Spoonjack and the United State president’s organization; if none of the party starts another starts another legal battle.

Mr Scharfeld represented himself at the trial, which shows you he knows all about trademark rules and regulation.

I believed Mr Trump’s legal team”never thought that I could represent myself”, he told Bloomberg.
Mr.scharfeld said “all I want is to be given a fair trial.”

He then went further to say “my plans now lies on how to spend more available time marketing my music apps instead of protecting them.