Apologies Issued by George H.W Bush to Actress who claimed to be victim of Sexual Assault

Heather Lind has presented accusation that the former President of the United States, George H. W Bush, had assaulted her sexually at a photo chance with Barbara, his wife. The former president had already formally apologized, saying that he was only attempting to make humor and had no intent to offend her.

It was through a long post on Instagram that Lind leveled her accusations. The post, however, has been long deleted. She commented on seeing a photo of the 93-year-old with Barack Obama that she had also been in such a position but was assaulted by the former president.

The post had details of Bush touching her from behind and allegedly sharing a dirty joke while they were taking pictures.

Lind commends other victims of assault who has come out

She concluded her posts on the platform concerning the matter by recalling how help came from colleagues on the day of the event. She further commended everyone who had so far opened up on their own experiences, saying that she was grateful for their courage.

The spokesperson for the former president had shared in a statement that the accused will never cause distress to anyone and is honestly sorry for his failed attempt at humor and if it caused any offense to the Lady.

The accusation from Lind has surfaced after the scandal with Weinstein and the revelations from executives of the TV and Film industry.