Amber Rudd Brands Trump’s Travel Ban an Isis Propaganda Opportunity

Amber Rudd, Home Secretary, has branded President Donald Trump’s travel ban a propaganda opportunity for Isis.  She was giving evidence before the home affairs select committee.

She said that most of the terror attacks carried out across Europe and America were domestic terrorists in the last few years and that Isis would take advantage of the opportunity to radicalise more followers.

She also added that she had made it clear in a phone call to John Kelly, head of the Department of Homeland Security in America that the travel ban was causing problems for UK citizens and she did not support it.  She also added that there were huge protests against it across Britain.

She said, “I think the important thing is for the government to state that we disagree with the ban and we have said it is divisive. It is wrong. I will continue to say that.”

Rudd Criticism

Amber Rudd came under fire at the select committee from Yvette Cooper who asked why it had taken her so long to voice her criticism with Kelly.  She was repeatedly pressed on the point and Cooper went further asking her when she would raise her wider criticisms of the ban with Kelly.

Theresa May also came under fire for not being vocal in wake of the Trump ban.  She just said that Britain takes a different approach and made no further comment.

Rudd said she would not implement a similar refugee policy and said that the 120 day “extreme vetting” would have a negative impact on international refugee protection as fewer would be accepted by America.

She would not be drawn, however, on the subject of Trump’s state visit saying that it was in the best interests of the country to engage in world leaders.

At the end of the committee meeting Cooper said she was unconvincing about when she would raise wider criticisms with the Trump administration.