A sense of purpose links to sleep quality – US scientists reveals

A neurologist says that people who have a sense of real purpose in life are less likely to suffer sleep problems and insomnia.

According to research in the US which tested different people on their sense of purpose and possibility of sleeping, it was proposed that the key to having a good night rest lies on having a good reason to wake up at the break of dawn. The research found that people who have a strong sense of purpose in life suffered less sleep disturbance and insomnia, unlike those who don’t.

Controlling insomnia without sleeping pills

The leader of the research team at Northwestern University in Chicago, Jason Ong, stated that there might be no need for sleeping pills if people are encouraged to have a real sense of purpose.

About 800 people between the ages of 60 and 100 were tested during the study where they answered questions related to their sleep quality and motivations. In a bid to ascertain their sense of purpose, the individuals were asked to rate statements like how good they feel thinking about their past and what they intend to do in the future.

People who have a felt their life has more meaning showed a lower risk of sleep apnea – a health condition that causes shallow breathing and restless leg which is worse during night time. On the other hand, those who live a more purposeful life had a better chance of quality sleep.

While old age comes with a level of insomnia, Ong said that the result of the study shows the likelihood of applying such to the public, making people know how to alleviate insomnia and catch better sleep quality than using sleeping pills.

A charitable body, Age UK advocates that individuals who have a poor sleep quality to go to have a bed routine – going to bed and waking at a specified time. Cutting off caffeine, nicotine and alcohol in the evening is also a helpful tip. Likewise, steering clear from exercise before going to bed, doing away with daytime nap and keeping computer and TVs away from the bedroom is also helpful.